TraxIt 48 Hour Continuous-Read Pediatric Thermometer 12pk


Product Description

Parents worry. TraxIt eliminates the fear of not knowing your child's temperature. Wearable for 48 hours, TraxIt provides continuous monitoring of your child's temperature without poking or prodding. Oh, and did we mention no batteries, no cleaning and no hassle!

Product Overview

  • Supports Sleep Patterns
  • Disposable for maximum germ control
  • Continuous monitoring for 48 hours
  • Unsurpassed Accuracy
  • The same product used and trusted by healthcare providers

How to use

  1. Remove backing and apply to child's underarm
  2. Wait 3 minutes for initial reading. Leave on for up to 48 hours
  3. Take readings as needed and dispose after use

 download TempaDot Instructions

*Read full packaging instructions before use

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