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NexTemp Products

NexTemp Ultra 12 Packs

Perfect for on-the-go lifestyles. These thermometers are always ready when you are!

NexTemp Ultra 24 Packs

The best pack for families. Perfect to keep around the house or while out and about!

Cold or Flu Packs

Our Cold or Flu 4 & 8 Packs include NexTemp Ultra single-use thermometers and features a cold or flu symptom chart on the back with preventative steps.

CDC Guidelines Packs

Our CDC Guidelines 4 & 8 Packs include NexTemp Ultra disposable thermometers and features CDC Guidelines on the back for protecting yourself and others.

Larger Pack Sizes

NexTemp® Ultra

100 Pack - Fahrenheit

NexTemp® Ultra

100 Pack - Celsius

NexTemp® Basic

100 Pack

NexTemp® Basic

100 Pack - Celsius

Learn More About Single-Use Thermometers

Medical Indicators single-use, disposable thermometers are FDA-registered medical devices that offer unsurpassed clinical accuracy and maximum infection control. Proudly made in the USA for 30 years our NexTemp single-use, disposable thermometers use patented Liquid Crystal Technology to fire through a series of small dots on a dot matrix, each representing a specific temperature. The last dot fired provides the most accurate temperature reading available on the market.

A Company With a Vision  

Medical Indicators has manufactured single-use clinical thermometers in the USA for more than 30 years.
We are dedicated to excellence and innovation in the design and manufacturing of advanced
tools for better patient care.