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When you or your family is sick, we know you only have one focus: getting better.
Unsurpassed accuracy, ease of use, and maximum infection prevention make NexTemp® Ultra the only thermometer you need for your family.

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The Medical Indicators Advantage

About Medical Indicators

For more than 35 years, Medical Indicators has been the largest manufacturer of clinically-accurate, single-use thermometers in the world. Our portfolio of products include NexTemp®, TraxIt®, and Tempa•DOT® thermometers, all of which offer unsurpassed accuracy and maximum infection control.

Precision Accuracy Built-In

NexTemp® thermometers feature our remarkable NexTemp® Liquid Crystal Technology to deliver the most accurate temperature reading available on the market today!

Prevents the Spread of Germs

Our single-use thermometers are individually-wrapped and intended to be disposed of after use - virtually eliminating the risk of spreading germs and infections.

Innovative Simplicity

NexTemp® thermometers are ready to use right out of the box! So there's no added time and cost spent on batteries, probe covers, and cleaning supplies that are needed with other reusable thermometers.

Quality, American-Made Products

Medical Indicators has been based in and manufacturing all of our thermometers in the United States since our inception, more than 35 years ago.