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NexTemp Ultra thermometers are individually-wrapped and intended for single person use. They are clinically accurate, require no batteries, lightweight, and ready to use out of the box.

12 Disposable Thermometers


24 Disposable Thermometers


100 Disposable Thermometers


The Medical Indicators Advantage

Our disposable thermometers are standalone medical devices that set the standard for accuracy, are a proven infection control solution, and are truly maintenance-free products.

Precision Built-In

Each dot on our thermometers is set to "fire" at a specific temperature point. Temperatures are read directly.

Block Cross-Infection

Our single-use disposable thermometers are individually-wrapped and made for single patient use. Simply, use and dispose.

Innovative Simplicity

Ready to use out of the box and requires nothing else to take temperatures.


Take both oral and axillary temperatures and easily transport a box of 100.