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Trusted by Healthcare Professionals:

Bringing Quality Home

At Medical Indicators, we're bringing clinical quality directly to the consumer. Our NexTemp products are the same thermometers used by professionals from hospitals, dialysis centers, colleges and universities, and other clinical settings around the world.

Our Products

12 Disposable Thermometers


24 Disposable Thermometers


100 Disposable Thermometers


Why choose Medical Indicators disposable thermometers?

Open, use, and dispose. It's that simple with Medical Indicators single-use disposable thermometers. No more batteries, cross-contamination, re-calibrating, or breakage. Try them and learn why they are the best things you'll throw away.

Clinically Accurate


 No Cleaning

5-Year Shelf Life

Thin & Lightweight

No Batteries Needed

Oral & Axillary Readings

Latex, Mercury & Glass Free


 Take Them Anywhere